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What is 4th Root

4th Root Redemption LLC is an herbal remedy store that believes in bringing herbal medicine back into every home. All of our products focus on helping the body "redeem" itself from common issues. Here you will find teas, dry kits, sprays, how to videos, recipes and more!

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Spa Shower Sprays

Our spa shower sprays are made with therapeutic grade essential oils (these oils actually work). To use our sprays you simply spray into the air around you during a hot/steamy shower. This allows the oils to bond to the steamy air and release the therapeutic aromas. These sprays offer an easy to use, at home remedy for your lungs, sinuses, anxiety and sleep. You'll discover that these sprays not only upgrade your shower experience but they aroma and good vibes begin to fill the surrounding rooms.  Click below to explore out spa shower sprays.  

Herbal Tea Blends

Tea that Redeems! 

One way to intake the beneficial properties of an herb is through an infusion or tea. 4th Root Redemption offers herbal remedy teas such as Lung Redemption, Immune Redemption, Tummy Redemption & Stress Redemption Tea. Our blends are not only beneficial to the body but to the taste buds as well! 

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Infuse & Use
Dry Kits

Dry Kit Pics

 Dry Kits

Hands down our favorite way to partake in herbal medicine, is through these easy to use dry kits. Our kits come in mason jars complete with evrerything you need to prepare and store your herbal remedy. 

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